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By Januar Rianto
August 13, 2018

The Insiders is a regular chitter-chatter with one of Each Other Company's team members, regarding to their design views and raison d'être. In the first edition of it, we chatted with Putty Dewikarina on her day-to-day groove and some things that matter to her.

J: How do you typically start off your week (on a Monday)?

P: I’d start my week very slowly. I’d wake up at 5 AM, play with my cats for a while, and then start to getting ready. I’d make sure to drink lots of water before I left the house at 6.15. It’s the beginning of my weekdays.

J: What do you work on right now?

P: I work on different things now. I take French class during weekdays, from 8 AM to 3 PM. I do research and I write as a part-time for Further Reading in my free time, which concurrently helps to maintain my English. From time to time, I’d manage to still practice coding. Also, in an effort to improve physical health, I go to the gym regularly. Essentially, I’m working on myself this year.

J: Why did you join Each Other Company?

P: Interesting question. I applied because it’s a research-based studio, which is something that I have a thing for. I also find your instagram page interesting because it’s neither too curated nor friendly. I liked it. My intention was to practice the craft of graphic design again after a pause for some time.

J: Why research in design? Or why it is important/required in the process of design?

P: There are some reasons why I think research is valuable. First, it is the foundation and the point of reference for everything we do daily (work, leisure, etc.). However, I would prefer quality over quantity when it comes to research. Second, I believe that knowledge accumulates by nature. So what I read, see and hear will be useful and applicable to anything that I might face in the future. Third, the process of research always changes according to the project and comes in various of forms, which makes it always interesting and new.

I aim to be knowledgeable in many things by doing research, both as a designer or an individual. I like to feel familiar or have an initial understanding about a certain subject or topic, even before doing the project’s research. I like this quote from Paula Scher that says, “It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds.”

J: Which design project/work matter the most to you? Why?

P: One—I’d say quite monumental—project in high school introduced me to graphic design. In 2014, I had the opportunity to create an identity for an annual music event. It’s my first experience of having a huge responsibility over creative direction. I remember I did everything on Photoshop because I didn’t know how to use any other software. Although I didn’t know what I was doing at that time, and to be honest I made it up as I go, but the moment I saw it was being put up on a road around Senayan area, I felt very proud. Here’s the cliché, it’s what made me want to study design and see it as a viable career option.

J: Hows your week looking ahead?

P: I guess it is going to be a bit more intense than before as I just began niveau B1 in French and offline Further Reading is in progress.

J: Tell us What or who inspired you the most?

P: I am inspired by a lot of things; from books I’ve read, people I’ve meet and ones I haven’t met. It’s difficult to mention a name. For example, I just recently read a book about Delacroix, a French artist who grew up and emerged from the French Revolution. Reading about his life and works has helped to inspire me lately.

J: Texting or calling?

P: I’m indifferent about it. I usually make calls when it’s urgent or I need immediate response, but mostly I communicate by text.

J: The last thing that make u smile?

P: I can’t possibly pinpoint it, I smile easily. For example, my cats posed for a picture this morning. That makes me smile.

J: Talent or hard work?

P: Talent. I see it as having 50% of your work being done for you, so then you can use the remaining energy to do other (productive) things. Work smart, not hard.

J: Define a dream job

P: My dream job would be at the intersection of art and science, I want to make a living from creating and innovating. Additionally, I would love a job that allows me to travel and live in a different places every 3 or 4 years.

J: What would you do next after this chat?

P: I am going to read over my answers and see if there’s a need for correction. Au revoir!

Putty Dewikarina is a research assistant at Each Other Company, where she works on the studio's iniviative projects like Further Reading and City Scan Map.

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